Do YOU want your child engaged in a fun, active, and constructive environment  that fosters positive character traits?             

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21 Caller Street
Peabody, MA

Women's Self Defense Seminar

Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing an after-school activity for children which develops positive character traits and values through the study of Martial Arts.  

See About K.I.C.K for further details.                                                          

 KICK Kids on the Arthur show talking about their promotions.

Featuring Taylor, who was a Green Belt with Black Stripe. Taylor competed and won as a Black Belt in both state-wide and nation-wide Karate tournaments.


"The most inspirational person I knew                        helped a child reach their potential"

I was that child...
and that person was my Sensei, Robert Clary

It all started as a Christmas Gift for 3 months of Karate.  After 3 months I had to quit. Then, one day I ran into my instructor, Robert Clary. He asked why I quit.  Ashamed, I said "We don't have the money"  He asked if that was the only reason, and I replied yes.  He instructed me to come to class the next day and I would work it off. From chopping wood, to cleaning or painting the dojo, I did everything to earn my lessons.  Sensei Robert Clary stopped me from continuing down a dark road.  Everything that is positive in my life today, I owe to Karate.  I see how it can help and change kids. In 1999 K.I.C.K. was formed to help kids reach their potential.  - Sensei Jeff Burger